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What is C / C++ Programming?

"C Programming"

Awadhoot Infotech provides a complete course in C programming.

The course consists of the fundamentals of programming languages and C which is the foundation of all programming languages is taught in a pro-student way.

This is done in order to equip the student to be able to write programs and hence develop applications.

We provide all resources required in order to grasp the essence of the language and to be able to apply what has been learnt in real time problems.

"C++ Programming"

This course provides an introduction to object oriented programming and starts with C++.

The course material has been structured in such a way that gradual increase in the difficulty of problems can be dealt with.

Because of the wide use of this language in the market it is really useful to pick this course up which shall make you well equipped in writing programs in C++.

Details of the training is as follows: