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Awadhoot Info Tech provides a complete set of corporate information technology training.

The major motivation behind our corporate training plan is provision of education for information technology skills required in order to be up-to-date with the current market scenario which demands digital awareness on a core level.

The need for corporate training in information technology arises primarily from the fact that plenty of customer related resources are now available over the internet.

Maintenance of accounts to marketing of the product or service produced by your company is all subject to the use of information technology, hence the urgent need to train your employees to keep up with the digital era.

. Our job is to equip you with the necessary information technology skills in order to enforce progress in this field. We have provided corporate training sessions of 14 hours a week that are divided into two hour daily sessions

These sessions include any course the company would like their employees to be trained in which range from courses like complete Microsoft Excel training to courses for all programming languages (C, Java, .NET etc.)

Details of training is as follows:

•  Subject: Advanced Excel with VBA
•  Duration: 15 hours
•  Location: Client premises / Our premises
•  Batch conduct: 2 days, 8 hours a day or 5 days, 3 hours a day.
•  Syllabus: On request

Client satisfaction is our motto